Front and Back End Web Development

Html, CSS, Javascript, Php, Mysql

Extensive Manufacturing Software Experience

Embedded tool control up through MES and plant wide reporting levels. SECS/GEM & RS232 Machine Interfacing Expertise.

After earning undergraduate degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering (on top of pre-college machine shop and lab tech experience), I became an expert at writing tool interfacing applications to address production and engineering needs. After 14 years with IBM manufacturing (during which time I completed a Master's Degree in Computer Science) and 3 years with Applied Materials (as the sole Ion Implant embedded software support engineer in the US), I spent 2001 through 2008 as an automation engineer with Cypress Semiconductor in Round Rock, Texas.

Code Cleanup for Maintainability

Keep it simple: in software, it's far easier to make simple things complex - than it is to make complex things simple

Finding help can seem difficult when code is not easily understood by others. Giving code a second look after the dust has settled, and being familiar with how programmers learn new code - goes far in enabling new people and/or contractors to offload your legacy maintenance burden.

On Software Development

What most other books leave out

Spanning technology, project management, people, workplaces, and yes even physical conditioning - my goal is to distill off the top of my experiences and boil down as simply and concisely as I can - those aspects of software development that are critical for a career in the field which are often overlooked in other books. Hopefully some of what is in this book might help you think out your own philosophies, think over your environment, get through your working years - and emerge a sane if not wiser person on the other end.

Published March 2019

3D & Web Graphics

Showing them is better than telling them

I'm a fan of Modo for 3D graphics and interactive illustration using Adobe Flash. If you deal with technical concepts - consider how interactive Flash can attract users to your website by giving them "hands on" tools to better understand your area of expertise.

Published June 2014